Setting Meta-M keyboard shortcut for show desktop

Kevin Wilson wkevils at
Tue Jun 16 20:05:27 BST 2015

I have Fedora 22 with KDE Palsma.

By default, pressing Meta-M shows the "notification" dialog. (a window
consisting of 2 parts: left is notifications like printed completed,
printing, ... and the right side is a calendar.

I try to change this keyboard shortcut to "show desktop".
I did it in older KDE based fedora distros .

I tried
system settings->shortcuts->Global Keyboard Shortcuts->Kwin->Show
dekstop and manually changing to Meta+M and pressing apply.
It did get the update. However, when I pressing Meta+M is still shows the
same notification window.

Any ideas ?

Does anybody know how I can get rid of the original Meta+M key for
notification which has
probably a higher priority over the new shortcut which I defined ?

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