KDE5: mouse reverse scroll direction not working on all apps

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Jun 7 18:15:43 BST 2015

Barry Scott posted on Sun, 07 Jun 2015 12:09:24 +0100 as excerpted:

> In Ssystem Settings I check "Reverse Scroll Direction"
> In Firefox and Konsole this has no effect - scroll did not change.
> In KMail and libreoffice word the scrolling changes.
> How do I work around this for firefox and konsole?
> Under KDE4 this worked in all apps?
> Where do you want this bug raised?

FWIW, still on kde4 here, but I just checked and setting reverse scroll 
in kde system settings, mouse, does change it for both firefox and 
konsole, for me.

And FWIW on kde5, while I've seen a number of questions on it, I don't 
think enough of the regulars here are yet running it to have a very good 
chance of getting good answers -- if they're running kde5 they're still 
in the asking questions stage themselves.  Most of the kde5 questions 
I've seen so far have thus gone unanswered in kde5 terms, tho some of 
them get kde4 answers or kde4 confirmation one way or the other, as I did 
above.  I prefer mailing lists to web based forums or IRC and thus don't 
know for sure if those are available for kde, but it may be that you have 
better luck there if so, or on your distro's mailing lists.

It's also worth noting that firefox is a gtk-based app, not kde, and may 
respond better to gtk/gnome configuration on your system.

Finally, note for firefox/gtk that (at least in kde4), in the colors 
config there's a checkbox whether to apply that to non-kde apps too.  I'm 
not sure whether that applies to other settings like this as well, but 
FWIW I have that checked here and it definitely applies for colors, at 
least.  It might be at least worth checking to see whether it's checked 
in your config as well, and whether it might make a difference on the 
mouse as well, even if set in colors.  (Also, I've noted that 
occasionally, gtk-based apps "forget" their kde based settings, and I 
have to untick, apply, then tick again and apply, that setting, after 
which they behave for some time, typically several months, once again.  
You might try that.)

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