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Sun Jan 4 03:00:30 GMT 2015

Graham P Davis posted on Sat, 03 Jan 2015 18:39:29 +0000 as excerpted:

> Yes, OK, I realise it has been years since there has been any semblance
> of support for it but now it's official - sort of.
> The following bug has been around since the end of the last millennium
> and my last comment was made three years ago but now it has been
> "resolved" by declaring knode unmaintained.
> The bit that made me chuckle was the advice for knode users to switch to
> kmail. Now it has been a while since I have used kmail (not long after
> the introduction of kmail2 decided me to look elsewhere) but I did a
> check and can see no evidence that NNTP functionality has been added
> since my departure. Mind you, my eyesight isn't what it was so perhaps I
> missed something.
> I see from other knode topics that "pan" has been recommended as a
> replacement for NNTP-users and I'd go along with that for those who
> don't want to use e-mail with NNTP. Otherwise, Claws is the most
> reliable mail+NNTP system I've used.

FWIW, pan user here (including on this list, via's list2news 
service).  In point of fact, I've been a pan user since I switched from 
MS instead of downgrading to eXPrivacy, in 2001, and have been active on 
the pan lists since late 2002, answering questions from those who asked 
them, even when I thought it was a death vigil as the former primary 
developer abandoned it after he couldn't find anyone at the time to take 
over for him.  As such, I guess if anyone can take credit for keeping 
enough of a community nucleus going for new developers to eventually 
appear and take over, it'd be me.

So um, yeah, pan's great, and since that point has even had several long 
wishlist features implemented. =:^)

And I use claws-mail for mail, too.  While pan doesn't do mail directly, 
it can be configured to hand off to whatever mail client, and when I 
reply directly to or CC a poster, claws pops up in turn with the message 
ready to go when I hit pan's send button.

FWIW, I'm very happy with claws for mail (after having switched from kmail 
when it akonadified), but it does have one down side -- it's single-
threaded.  That means any news you did thru it would be single-
connection.  While that might be fine for text messages, it's not suited 
to general binary usage at all.

So I keep pan for news, and claws for mail, along with firefox for web, 
and vlc and smplayer and minitube for media.  And to think, back in the 
late kde3 era I was thinking what I could do to dump pan and get gtk off 
my system entirely.  Now, it'd more likely be kde.  Oh, well...

Anyway, way back in 2001/2002 when I decided on pan, I tried out knode.  
I don't remember exactly why I decided on pan instead, but I suspect yEnc 
support (or the lack there-of in knode, AFAIK) had a lot to do with it, 
and IIRC there was something about how knode handled text too that I 
didn't like, I just don't remember the details.

Nice to know I got that choice right, even if I got the mail choice 
wrong. (I chose kmail over the then sylpheed-claws, had I gone the other 
way I'd have never had to worry about converting ~9 years of kmail 
messages plus the ones I'd imported from MSIE, along with accumulated 
addresses, and all my filters, when I ended up switching back to claws 
when kmail jumped the shark and akonadified.)

So anyway, you're welcome to come join us pan users... and the pan-users 
list if you'd like. =:^)

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