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John Layt jlayt at
Thu Aug 20 17:43:51 BST 2015

On 20 August 2015 at 14:47, ianseeks <ianseeks at> wrote:

> Would it be an idea to prefix all sub projects of KDE with a unified number
> relating to the framework it depends on so as an example, KDE 5 is made up of
> Plasma 5.5.4., Frameworks 5.13, KDE Applications 5.15.08.  This will make it
> easier for us outside the development world to see a link between the sub
> projects.

Nope, because the Applications release number is just a release cycle
number, it doesn't mean all apps are using the same version of our
libraries, or even have the same release number. Currently
Applications is a mix of KDE4 and KF5 based apps so giving it a 5
prefix makes no sense at all.

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