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Kevin Krammer krammer at
Thu Aug 20 13:55:02 BST 2015

On Thursday, 2015-08-20, 14:28:28, O.Sinclair wrote:
> On Thursday 20 August 2015 2:06:34 PM Kevin Krammer wrote:

> > So there is one version for KDE's desktop product and one version for
> > *all*
> > application products.
> > 
> > How do users of vendors cope who do not release all their applications in
> > one go?
> > 
> > How, for example, do users of Microsoft Office cope with the "problem"
> > that
> > Windows has a different version number than Office?
> > Are they in panic when Skype does not share the version of one of these
> > two? Are they close to dispair when .Net or Visual Studio bring in even
> > more version numbers to the mix?
> > 
> > Assuming they cope just fine, only keeping track of versions of products
> > they themselves use, why would users of KDE software be incapable of
> > doing the same?
> > For sure users of KDE software have the same intelectual capacity as users
> > of Microsoft software, do they not?
> In all honesty it is a bit confusing and your comparison does not quite hold
> as MS Office is an application you choose/buy, not part of the whole
> package so to speak. I am just beginning to get the whole concept myself
> but of course different release dates, different numbering and so on does
> not help.

I am afraid I do not follow.

MS Office is an application bundle that you can or can not choose/buy.
KDE Applications is an application bundle that you can or can not choose.

So the difference is that you buy one and not the other?

What about Skype then? As far as I know it is still gratis.


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