ibus not working with kde5

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Apr 30 08:24:16 BST 2015

Shrinivasan T posted on Thu, 30 Apr 2015 01:51:20 +0530 as excerpted:

> How to make ibus working?

Hopefully someone else has a real answer, as I don't, but just a note...

I've seen very few kde5 questions yet, but the ones I have seen have 
tended not to get a real answer.

I think people simply don't have enough experience of their own yet with 
kde5, to be helping anyone else with it yet.  Unfortunately...

FWIW, my own kde5 experience...

I've built and installed kde5 base (gentoo so that's what an install 
_is_, a build and install), the frameworks, plasma, and what should be 
enough to at least boot to a basic plasma/kde5 shell, several times over 
the last six months or so.  Unfortunately, every time I try to actually 
load KDE, plasma tries to start, and kwin starts... and crashes, and 
respawns... and crashes... repeatedly, until I get a dialog popping up 
saying what's happening, and asking if I want to try a different window 
manager... but I don't have any others installed, so...

With kde4, a base kde including kwin and plasma _is_ my X environment.  I 
don't have a different window manager installed as it'd be useless.

But various packages from kde4 and kde5, including kwin, conflict with 
each other as they install the same files with the same names, so to 
install the kde5 version I have to uninstall the kde4 version of those 

Which means kwin4 isn't installed either, when kwin5 breaks, and there's 
NO other window manager installed.  And with kwin5 repeat-crashing, I've 
seen a bit of the kde5/plasma5 splash, and the unconfigured and ugly 
default crash dialogs, and fractions of a second of window decoration 
while kwin5 runs between crashes and respawns... and that's about it!

It has been that way for several releases, now, since I first started 
testing kde5. <shrug>

Best I can tell, kwin doesn't like my Radeon graphics, with native kernel/
X/mesa drivers, no servantware so I can't blame it on that.  But kde4's 
kwin works just fine, accelerated OpenGL mode and all, and I can't 
/imagine/ the whole native Radeon driver set being broken that badly.  At 
first I thought it was just prerelease versions and it'd be fixed, but no 
fix yet.  Regardless of why, all kwin5 does is its crash/respawn loop, 
and without it, I don't get to see, let alone test, much else in kde5.

I've been waiting for the various components to at least come out of the 
gentoo/kde overlay into the main tree, as ~arch (testing) at least, 
before I file a bug upstream, thinking it could be something incomplete 
in the after all still gentoo/kde overlay staging area gentoo/kde setup, 
but that seems to be taking /forever/, which I guess probably means 
others still have big problems with it too...  Anyway, qt5 is in the main 
gentoo tree now, as is kde-frameworks, so it's getting there.  But the 
kde5 apps and plasma5 workspace are still in the overlay only, so it's 
still not even all in the main gentoo tree, yet.  As I said, that surely 
means I'm not the only one having problems, but it's still frustrating.

One of these days when I get some time, I'll test it again, and start 
filing bugs, either with upstream kde, or with gentoo (probably both), if 
kwin5 is still crashing with that test.  But I've been busy enough I've 
been putting it off...

At least you have kde5 /running/! Wish I could say that! =:^(

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