KTorrent on Windows and OSX

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Sep 18 21:58:55 BST 2014

Andrew Potter posted on Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:30:58 +0000 as excerpted:

> I am trying to find out whether KTorrent and libktorrent works on
> Windows and OSX.
> I am developing an App and would like to use libktorrent in my App to
> download content.
> I am just wondering if libktorrent runs on Windows or OSX?

I personally don't[1] do proprietary so do neither MS Windows nor Apple 
OSX, but...


There's further links from there, including to the kde-on-windows kde-
techbase pages, the IRC channel, and the kde-windows mailing list.  The 
latter would be the better place to ask.

On the OSX side it appears macports/fink/homebrew do kde.  Here's the 
community page:


[1] Most software including that covered by the GPL includes waivers on 
damages, etc, and when the source is available to examine such that I can 
fairly agree to take on that responsibility, great.  But people who want 
me to agree to take responsibility for the actions of code I'm not 
allowed to examine before agreeing to take such responsibility are 
obviously unethical and have no respect for /my/ rights, so even if I 
/could/ legally run the software without actually agreeing to take such 
responsibility, why would I, as we've just established that they are 
unethical and can't be trusted.  Unethical people want me to run some 
black-box software on my computer doing who /knows/ what, because it's 
black-box and I can't /see/ what it does, while wanting me to agree to 
take responsibility for whatever unknowns might happen?  I don't THINK so!

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