kmail/kaddressbook and encryption by default behaviour

Daniel Priebe daniel.priebe at
Tue Sep 2 23:29:45 BST 2014


I have some issues with KMail and KAddressbook while trying to configure 
Kontact to use encryption by default. Encryption by default means that mails 
should be encrypted for any recipient that gpg knows a key for without any 
user interaction.

In Settings->Configure KMail->Security->Composing, i have enabled 
"Automatically encrypt messages whenever possible" and disabled "Always show 
the encryption keys for approval". However, KMail doesn't just keep showing a 
messagebox that i has found keys for all recipients, it even shows another 
dialog to prompt for approval of the found keys. In the key approval dialog 
you can choose an encryption preference, which will result in a new contact 
with the specified encryption settings (see Contact->Crypto Settings). 
Unfortunately they are ignored and both dialogs are shown again and again on 
every new mail. That's really annoying.

I am not sure if i should file a bug or if i missed something. Any help is 
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