Meaning of 2nd number in: <folder name> (4 + 346)?

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at
Tue Oct 7 02:27:51 BST 2014

Em segunda-feira, 06 de outubro de 2014, às 14:31:23, Randy Kramer escreveu:
> I've done a little bit of googling, but haven't searched the archives of
> this list.  Will somebody tell me what the second number is in
> parentheses behind the name of a folder in the Folder List?
> For example, I see a folder named gui that looks like:
> gui (4 + 346)
> I know the first number is the number of unread emails, but I have no
> clue as to the second number.  Sometimes (as in this case), that
> number is higher than the number of emaiils in the folder.
> I am using (I recently upgraded to) wheezy (debian 4.6.0), with kde
> 4.8.4 and kmail 1.13.7.
> Thanks!
> Randy Kramer

It is the number of unread mails in its subfolders. This will only be shown if 
a folder is colapsed and has subfolders with unread mail in them. If you 
expand it, each subfolder will display its own number of unread mails, the sum 
of which will be the second number that was previously displayed for their 
parent folder.


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