Would like links should open Firefox in current Activity

Brady Trainor algebrat at uw.edu
Sat Nov 29 03:30:09 GMT 2014

Is there a way to open a link in web browser in current activity?

Currently, if there is a browser open in a different activity, and not one in current activity, then if I click on a link, say in Emacs, it will head to the other activity and open link in that browser.

Then, I have to separate the tab from the this browser, and right click to switch the browser to the activity I was working in, and switch to that activity.

I could not find a setting to change this, even in the browsers Special Application Settings.

This seems to go against the concept of having various resources being topic specific in Activities. I do not have a special activity for Firefox, I have special activities for topics/projects, and any one of them may need a browser for related surfing, and with browsers existent or nonexistent at any moment.


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