kde : core : using c++ 11/14 : any roadmap?

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at kathe.in
Wed Nov 26 17:46:20 GMT 2014


since the last exchange on this topic (initiated by me), i wondered if 
there's some kind of roadmap to the kde core beginning to use c++ 11/14.

since i am anyways re-training for c++, and really want to focus a lot 
of my time and energy on 'kde', it would be better to go with 11/14 if 
it's in the works.

yes, i am aware that the reason for not migrating away from 1998/2003 
yet is because a bunch of compiler suites don't yet support 11/14 well, 
but i guess, the day can't be too far when the support under those 
platforms would be complete.

best regards,


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