How do I use kscreen?

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Wed Nov 5 07:51:20 GMT 2014

Kevin Krammer posted on Wed, 05 Nov 2014 06:38:03 +0100 as excerpted:

> On Monday, 2014-11-03, 19:47:01, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
>> On 03/11/14 15:08, Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> > Does
>> > 
>> > kcmshell4 display
>> > 
>> > work for you?
>> It brings up an empty dialog:
> It looks like this for me (currently only one display):
> Any further screen would have the same, named, control, allowing me to
> position them via drag&drop. Quite convenient.
> Your setup seems to be missing something.

The only thing I have in kcmshell4 display here is a kgamma tab, since I 
have it installed.  The krandr thing would be there if I had the option 
to turn it on (USE=-kscreen) set for the kde-base/systemsettings ebuild, 
but I don't, so it's not.

This is on current (as of a few days ago) live-kde4, claiming 4.14.2 
platform, 4.11.13 kde-workspace, with live-kde4 kscreen as well, from the 
gentoo/kde overlay.

What's missing is probably a *.desktop file integrating kscreen into the 
display kcm.  But what to install to get it I've not a clue.

BTW, @ Nikos, I just discovered the "kscreen-console" command, runnable 
from a konsole window.  As usual --help gets you a list of the CL format, 
and that says --commands gives you a list of commands to use with it.  It 
seems that the "monitor" command is the default, as just running "kscreen-
console" without anything else will spit out a bunch of info (probably 
the same as the "outputs" command), then sit there until a ctrl-C.  You 
should be able to use kscreen-console outputs to get a list of what /it/ 
thinks the supported modes are, along with refresh-rate.

If you like you can also compare that to the xrandr output (assuming you 
either have xrandr installed or find it worth installing, it's a pretty 
trivial build).

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