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Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 12:22:48 GMT 2014

On 28/03/14 22:58, Vinicius Gobbo Antunes de Oliveira wrote:
> Hi!
> This is my first post at the KDE mailing list. Not sure whether this
> is the right list to mail to.
> Recently, I've been playing with WebP image format, and after a few 
> benchmarks I decided to convert all my wallpaper images from JPG to
> WebP.
> The problem I'm having is that KDE doesn't seem to support WebP 
> wallpaper images, since I can not select one of them to set as my
> wallpaper.

Very new image format. Some of the apps that do support it, do so
through BMP (ugh!) transforms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebP#Support

Limited support is available in KDE:-

> Does anyone have ever tried to do is or know whether it is supported
> or not?

I researched it first, found limited KDE support, and that it was still
a far from compelling image format to adopt.
Not as optimised as ImageZero[*1], and has a number of shortcomings:-


> Maybe this is just a filter being missed at the image selection box
> (the filter displays only: *.png *.jpeg *.jpg *.xcf *.svg *.svgz
> *.bmp), and maybe adding *.webp will solve the issue.

No. Read the bugreports.

> If someone can confirm this as a possibility, I'll fill a bug and try
> to patch it myself.

Please read the referenced bug reports (now consolidated), and add to
them if necessary.

> My system is a Gentoo, with KDE 4.11.5 (latest version avaiable for 
> Gentoo), Gwenview happily displays WebP just as does Dolphin
> thumbnails.
> --
> *Vinicius Gobbo Antunes de Oliveira* /Norton Tecnologia da
> Informação/ Cel.: (19) 98106 5188 Skype: v.gobbo

Kind regards

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