Question about kde Systems settings and settings for gnome-terminal.

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Tue Mar 4 12:16:22 GMT 2014

Kevin Wilson posted on Tue, 04 Mar 2014 11:26:41 +0200 as excerpted:

> I have a desktop with KDE where I use gnome-terminal and not Kconsole as
> my preferred console.
> When I go to kde Systems settings ->Windows behaviour -> Window rules I
> see an two entries titled:
> (Default) Disable focus stealing prevention for XV
> "Settings for gnome-terminal"
> On a different machine, where I also have  I see only one entry:
> (Default) Disable focus stealing prevention for XV
> Any ideas why do I do not have "Settings for gnome-terminal" on the
> second machine ? Should it be added manually? any hints ?

The window rules are only needed if you wish to change a window's normal 
behavior.  Thus, no need to add a rule unless you don't like the current 
behavior, and you can add (or delete) rules irrespective of whether 
there's a default rule there or not.

Here, I have a whole list of rules changing behavior for specific 
windows.  Some windows I always want in a specific location so I have 
that set.  Some I want a specific minimum size so that's set.  Some 
inconveniently remember where they were and always try to start there, 
but I want them to use kde's default "smart" window placement instead, so 
that's set.  A few I want without titlebars so that's set.  Etc.  If I 
want the behavior changed, I change it.  It doesn't matter whether there 
were default window rules entries or not, and in fact, I normally prefer 
not, since then I might have my own rule that I know about and some 
default rule both trying to work on the same window, potentially with 
results I hadn't expected.

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