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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Sat Mar 1 14:04:17 GMT 2014

On Saturday 01 March 2014 08:44:43 Kevin Krammer did opine:

> On Saturday, 2014-03-01, 08:22:47, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > But no one has answered as to the reason the kdepim-users list seems
> > to have amnesia about its subscribers?
> Have never experienced that with any mailinglist.
> What could have happend is that mails from the list server got bounced
> or rejected by your mail server and the list software decided to drop
> you.
> Cheers,
> Kevin

That doesn't hold much water, the server I've used since it went online in 
1999 is running qmail, and doesn't reject very much, so I run mailfilter in 
front of fetchmail, and if it 'deny's a msg, it just deletes it, no bounce 
is sent, its a waste of time to send a spammer a bounce anyway.  I have 
around 2000 (and growing) full class D addresses and about 20 class C's I 
reject because they send nothing but spam.  So if I rejected it at the 
server with mailfilter, your server would never see it.  What it might see 
is for the last 2 years, we've had a heck of a time keeping the various 
winderz boxes clean, and somebody's office machine will get us nailed by 
spamcop.  That your server would see.  Unfortunately I am retired now for 
12 years, so I haven't a lot of control over that except to advise Jim he 
has a dirty machine someplace in the building.  Sales people have all been 
advised to keep paper copies of their contact lists because if a machine 
gets rooted, it WILL be formatted & reinstalled.  We also run a open wifi, 
isolated from any other inside subnet so help can bring in their own 
rootkitted lappy on the weekends, and that has got us nailed for a day or 2 
now & then.

Winderz machines are our major PITA, but training a salestype to use 
anything else is impossible because all their clients run winderz.

So we are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

Cheers, Gene
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