KDE + Firefox integration: restart?

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Tue Jul 8 15:03:35 BST 2014

This issue -- of improving KDE + Firefox integration, generally, and of getting Firefox to use Dolphin, specifically -- has languished for a long time.

It has, after all, been percolating, unresolved, for ~ 12 yrs now.

Atm, it's basically dead & inactive. I'm hoping that that can be reversed.

If "you" are still interested in good/solid KDE+Firefox integration, read-on -- 

IMO, not getting to a decent solution has not been for lack of trying/interest:

	Bug 140751 - Integrate Mozilla with KDE 

	Bug 528598 - provide a class to check for KDE environment and to interface with kmozillahelper 

	Provide better Firefox KDE integration 

	Bug 528510 - [Tracking] Port OpenSUSE KDE Integration for Firefox 

	Firefox on KDE

	(I'm sure there are more ...)

As of this date, there's still no solution that works consistently well.  Opensuse's patches are the closest to it (cref packages: "kmozillahelper", "mozilla-kde4-integration"), & have been intermittently available/functional in Opensuse, as well as ported to Ubuntu, Arch, others.

But, even the Opensuse devs say they're not happy with their own, 'hacky' solution.

And, unless I've missed it, the "right people" simply aren't talking to one another.

A "good" solution will need devs -- at least one each -- from KDE, Mozilla/Firefox & Opensuse/other distro devs, to agree that this should get done, and actually talk/work with one another to do so.

I've tried to re-start the discussion about getting a good solution to KDE+Firefox integration.


In that thread I received thoughtful/arguable comments from @Mozilla folks, e.g.

	I believe that there is plenty of good will among
	Mozilla developers to help Firefox + Dolphin along the road (starting
	with reviewing patches and mentoring newcomers).
	firefox-dev and bugs are as good a place as any to start.

They certainly seem willing to work with KDE & others -- but it will NOT happen alone.

So, if "you" are still interested in good/solid KDE+Firefox integration -- pls start by subscribing to "firexfox-dev" mailing list


and consolidating communication to THIS thread:

	"Firefox + KDE integration: Getting FF to use Dolphin reliably. 12+ years and counting."

'Everybody' talking about the issue in one place wouldn't, imo, be a bad 1st step.
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