Bug#688801: Re: Re: Bug#688801: kde-window-manager: Incorrect Build-conflict against libgles2-mesa-dev

Held Bier lausgans at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 10:07:00 GMT 2014

Martin, José,

Any plans to resolve this issue?

Looks like the current, sid package still provides only the following:
> 1. only one binary (kwin) is built and is linked against OpenGL

> 2. two binaries are built. kwin is linked against OpenGL and kwin_gles is linked against OpenGL ES
I've took a source package of kde-window-manager, opted out a
libgles2-mesa-dev from conflicts and installed it, then built Kwin via
'debian/rules build'.
This way i've got a kwin_gles also, thought ldd'ing on it showed that
besides libEGL dependency (which is good), it also relied on libGL
(which is not good! this means some/most of GL functions were still
used). When i've tried to use this produced kwin_gles binary as
compozitor, i've got a slow unaccelerated performance exactly like i
had when tried usual kwin (but for usual, OpenGL powered kwin it's
awaited, as i have a harware only supporting OpenGL ES acceleration,
while OpenGL goes throught software Mesa in my case). I've
double-checked that a hardware accelerated OpenGL ES in Xorg on my
setup works fine.
Is it a KDE, Debian or building issue? Is there any way to fix it?

> In 4.9 nothing has changed, but I plan to have some changes in 4.10 or 4.11.
> We will in future default to EGL and use OpenGL on top of EGL instead of GLX
> (for this there will be a mail to kde-packagers the next few days).
We're on 4.11.3-2 now. Would be nice to see this sooner :)

> I think it would be a good thing for Debian and KDE on Debian to build both
> KWin versions as it gives the possibility to run KWin on OpenGL ES powered
> hardware such as the pandaboard, raspberry pi and so on.
Right, especially considering the fact that last of available OpenGL
ES compozitors, a Compiz got removed from Debian after the Squeeze

Thanks for any feedback!

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