Why do you prefer KDE?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 15:14:59 GMT 2014

On 22/12/13 04:45, Bruce Byfield wrote:
> As you may have heard, KDE recently topped the Linux Journal's Readers' Choice
> Awards.
> That got me thinking. Why do people prefer KDE? What advantages do you think
> it has over other desktop environments?

My reasons:

* It looks nicer to me. I mean visually. I like eye candy.

* I am very used to KDE's GUI conventions, from button order and 
keyboard shortcuts, to configuration dialog semantics, context menus and 
the "start menu."

* Many of my favorite applications are written with Qt. As a result, 
they look and behave better in KDE (though in recent years this isn't 
much of a problem with Gtk-based desktops.)

* The Dolphin file manager. I like it very, very much.

* Extremely configurable keyboard shortcuts, like for suspending desktop 
compositing. Last time I checked, I couldn't see how to do that in Gnome.

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