Ark completely useless in common user scenarios

Matteo Italia matteo at
Fri Aug 29 13:08:14 BST 2014

Il 29/08/2014 13:57, ianseeks ha scritto:
> On Friday 29 Aug 2014 02:42:02 Matteo Italia wrote:
>> Hello,
>> it's probably about 2 years since I switched to KDE, and it's mostly
>> been a pleasant journey; but since day zero, I've always had problems
>> with Ark, which, in my opinion, has several known bugs which really
>> cripple with the most common usage scenarios.
> i've never had any problems with Ark myself but then again i don;t use it 
> much.
> Have you logged any errors in the bug tracking system ?  You'll also need to 
> provide some version numbers of Ark/KDE etc you are using for someone to make 
> any useful replies.
As said above, the behavior I exposed is mostly the consequence of bugs
known by several years (if you read through the text I referenced the
problems by bug ID) and general bad UX design. The specific version of
Ark I'm using is 2.19, but again, it's not really relevant, since my
criticism is mostly in general design, Ark is virtually unchanged since
several years (yet, from what I read in the various bug comments, it
still haven't reached feature parity with pre-KDE4 Ark).
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