Akonadi acting up (again)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Fri Sep 27 22:25:24 BST 2013

Kevin Krammer posted on Fri, 27 Sep 2013 15:06:11 +0200 as excerpted:
> On Friday, 2013-09-27, John Woodhouse wrote:

>> It also seems that if I really do disable indexing I may loose my
>> digital clock and perhaps one or two other things. The clock sounds
>> like someone thinking wouldn't it be nice to use .... to me.
> I would be surprised if the clock applet interacts with the index in any
> way. But I am not on the most recent workspace release.

Being a kde-er who has all the semantic-desktop stuff possible turned off 
at compile time (gentoo/kde used to support that, but don't any more 
altho kde continues to do so, so I created my own ebuild patches based on 
the diffs when gentoo/kde dropped the support, and I continue to apply 
and update the patches as necessary), I can speak to this angle...

One of the (gentoo ebuild, not upstream sources) patches I'm carrying, 
meaning it's a build-time option in the upstream sources, is for 
libplasmaclock.  Taking a look at that patch, it simply adds "-DWITH-
KdepimLibs=OFF" to the build-time cmake arguments.

So there is some sort of optional integration between the clock and 
kdepim.  I believe it has to do with the calendar displaying holidays, as 
with that option off I lost the holidays display.  The calendar still 
works, but the right side, which would normally display holiday 
information (and I guess scheduling information if you are using that 
functionality in kdepim; I never did), always displays "no events".

So there's some indirect relationship with indexing, anyway, since akonadi 
depends on various bits of the semantic-desktop being on, and kdepimlibs 
depends on akoandi, and the clock, or more accurately, the calander, 
optionally pulls in kdepimlibs in ordered to display holiday and 
scheduler information.  But with the possible exception of indexed 
scheduler information (which I'd not know about as I never used that 
kdepim functionality even when I had nepomuk, akonadi and parts of kdepim 
installed), I don't believe there's a DIRECT indexing dependency.

And there's definitely a compile-time option to disable that 
functionality altogether, altho that's not going to do the majority of 
users stuck on binary distros much good.

But John's "The clock sounds like someone thinking wouldn't it be nice to 
use..." observation is right on!  That appears to be EXACTLY what 

Thankfully, it's something users who do their own building can still turn 
off, as I've done here, with my gentoo ebuild patches.  Having the 
holiday information available on the calendar /was/ a nice feature, but 
it's not worth dragging in the kdepim dependency, which in turn drags in 
the akonadi and other semantic-desktop dependencies, to get.  At least 
it's not worth it to me!

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