[kde] KMail/PIM two ideas

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Wed Sep 25 09:40:16 BST 2013

Hi Martin,

On Wednesday, 2013-09-25, Martin S wrote:
> Hi,
> This morning in my sleep deprived state I finally decided to grumble a bit
> =)
> + Wouldn't it be neat if I set folder properties on a folder in the KMail
> part of the suite and all sub-folder inherit the same property, or not
> according to property management? Today, this works as in Outlook (we have
> at work) and it's can be a major pita to set the same property on all
> frelling sub-folders. Please point me to how this is done if it indeed can
> be done today.

I am not sure this can be done already, but that sounds like something that 
could be implemented as part of a so-called "Junior Job".
Basically entries of our issue tracking system bugs.kde.org can be marked as 
"Junior Jobs", meaning they don't require deep knowledge of the codebase.

Might be worth considering that as a feature wish, or, maybe even better, 
discuss it on the brainstorm section on forum.kde org first.

> + Also, KMail: Right-click on a message and I find two menu options for
> adding to Todo or Note. But why the ... not to Calendar?

Hmm, a TODO is a calendar entry. Do you mean add as a different form of 
calendar entry, e.g. as an event?


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