KMail/PIM two ideas

Martin S shieldfire at
Wed Sep 25 05:36:12 BST 2013


This morning in my sleep deprived state I finally decided to grumble a bit =)

+ Wouldn't it be neat if I set folder properties on a folder in the KMail part 
of the suite and all sub-folder inherit the same property, or not according to 
property management? Today, this works as in Outlook (we have at work) and 
it's can be a major pita to set the same property on all frelling sub-folders. 
Please point me to how this is done if it indeed can be done today.

+ Also, KMail: Right-click on a message and I find two menu options for adding 
to Todo or Note. But why the ... not to Calendar?

Just a morning thought.

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