Akonadi acting up (again)

John Woodhouse a_johnlonger at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 23 12:20:07 BST 2013

Ok I am running KDE 4.10.5 but due to many reports on Kmail 4 even now I installed kdepim3 plus it's dev part just in case they are needed. This gives KDE3 personally information manager including Kmail3. As always it's sits there and does it's job quietly and efficiently. No problem importing my old mail either. Some have recently reported that this can take ages on kmail4 and this post once again suggests it still has problems.

Alkonadi is disabled via "system settings" but strangely enough my file searches were initially slow but they are now blisteringly fast via find files/folders. As I have had this sort of behaviour before on 3 I assume that the same techniques are still available. Never really looked into that but believe an index is built up and a cron job adds recent changes. Either way I have seen no signs of Akonadi disk ticking away for weeks as it tries to index all of my files. Maybe that has been changed.

Adding to the comment about Amarok I noticed something odd about any music I played with it. I use near field monitors. Have currently switched to VLC and my music again sounds like it should again. Not the tidiest of apps to use maybe but to me the sound is more important.

Packagekit looks KDE. Had problems with that as well. Locks out the distro's update and software management utilities. Not briefly as it checks for updates but permanently. I had to kill it via the console and then unistalled it.

Maybe the last 2 are down to Akonadi being disabled. If so I get the feeling it may drive people away from some traditional KDE apps.

:-) I'll refrain from commenting on OOPsers ideas on modularity and code re use and have never looked to see how it's organised so shouldn't. On the other hand why such a difference between Kmail 3 and 4. There are several ways of achieving code reuse. I have seen an OOPsers comment on complaints about bloat on Arch - seems there must only be one and if there is only one it's not bloat. That comment really does make me wonder.

Apart from that all ok except Okular is still incredibly slow when rapidly leafing through pages of large scanned books. Suspect I will be giving Foxit a go.

Yahoo keep changing there interfaces - hopefully this goes plain text. Looks like it should.



> Subject: Re: [kde] Akonadi acting up (again)
> Date: Tuesday 17 September 2013
> From: Frank Steinmetzger <Warp_7 at gmx.de>
> To: kde at mail.kde.org
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 05:09:39PM +0200, Martin Bednar wrote:
>>  > Hey list
>>  > 
>>  > Maybe you can help me here. After an upgrade from 4.10 to 4.11 on my
>>  > Gentoo systems, Akonadi is on the fritz again. As soon as I load KMail
>>  > (or Kontakt with KMail), it starts hogging a CPU core. Deleting a 
> bunch
>>  > of spam mail (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Delete) via IMAP takes a while, but gets
>>  > done. Loading IMAP folders works, too (I can see new mails in the list
>>  > and the effects of actions I did in other mail programs).  But I 
> can't
>>  > read any mail, I only get the typical “fetching content” page.
>>  > […]
>>  > Do you have any advice that might help me here? I don’t relly want to
>>  > delete the resources and download everything anew again. If at least I
>>  > could find out what the hell is keeping Akonadi up.
>>  You mentioned that you performed a major version update. Did you run 
>>  nepomukcleaner? AFAIK it was recommended. Another thing I can think of is 
>>  running akonadictl fsck or akonadictl vacuum.
> Never heard of either of those.  Both fsck and vacuum run through within
> seconds and don’t output anything. I don’t use Nepomuk (nepomukcleaner
> window is empty). It’s another one of those things... you know... ;-)
> it’s been eating CPU in the past for no apparent reason and I never got
> the hang of it, so I switched it off. `locate' is more ubiquitous for
> me.
>>  If you updated your entire system, did you check whether your storage 
> backend 
>>  (such as mysql) needed some manual update action (mysql_upgrade comes to 
>>  mind).
> Nothing changed there, and it is definitely mysql. I once migrated from
> sqlite, but that was long ago and on another installation. (This
> system is only 2 months old and started out with 4.10.4).
>>  I switched to MariaDB (for Akonadi and Amarok) and have been a happy
>>  camper since.
> I don’t know enough about maria to invoke a switch. I only know that
> nowadays Oracle is bäbä and a DB-learned pal always disses it in favour
> of postgres. *g*
> On a sidenote, I went from being an enthusiastic Amarok-git user to
> Clementine due to general dissatisfaction (stupid animations everywhere,
> plasma creep).  Hell, I use a console-based player most of the time now,
> it’s blazingly fast and has a more reliable album management. I guess
> I’m getting old. :D
> Sorry for ranting, it just feels good for a change.
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