Akonadi acting up (again)

Chao Feng rainofchaos at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 13:32:58 BST 2013

在 2013年9月16日 星期一 01:49:05,Frank Steinmetzger 写道:
> Hey list
> Maybe you can help me here. After an upgrade from 4.10 to 4.11 on my
> Gentoo systems, Akonadi is on the fritz again. As soon as I load KMail
> (or Kontakt with KMail), it starts hogging a CPU core. Deleting a bunch
> of spam mail (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Delete) via IMAP takes a while, but gets
> done. Loading IMAP folders works, too (I can see new mails in the list
> and the effects of actions I did in other mail programs).  But I can't
> read any mail, I only get the typical “fetching content” page.

I have the same issue in Arch during upgrade from 4.10 to 4.11. Clean up 
akonadi configuration works for me. Please check the note in Arch Wiki: 

Feng Chao

> Thanks.
> I hope that garbage will be rewritten from the ground up for KDE 5 or
> given up entirely. I already dread the day that Akregator migrates,
> because I have no idea how I should sync my machines then.

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