Akonadi acting up (again)

Martin Bednar serafean at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 16:09:39 BST 2013

Le lundi 16 septembre 2013 01:49:05 Frank Steinmetzger a écrit :
> Hey list
> Maybe you can help me here. After an upgrade from 4.10 to 4.11 on my
> Gentoo systems, Akonadi is on the fritz again. As soon as I load KMail
> (or Kontakt with KMail), it starts hogging a CPU core. Deleting a bunch
> of spam mail (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+Delete) via IMAP takes a while, but gets
> done. Loading IMAP folders works, too (I can see new mails in the list
> and the effects of actions I did in other mail programs).  But I can't
> read any mail, I only get the typical “fetching content” page.
> Akonadi has been such a nuisance... 2 years ago, when it caused data
> loss to some peope, I actually switched to mutt and I haven't fully
> returned ever since. All the time I tell myself “Give it time, it’s
> probably getting better with every release”. But then something like
> this happens again.
> On another machine I had the same symptoms at first, but then it behaved
> again. But that was a 32 bit system.  On my current main 64 bit machine,
> it just isn't happening. Akonadi has been clogging the CPU for 20
> minutes now. Closing the KMail or Kontakt window doesn't help, the CPU
> load is still there. I have to kill the KMail/Kontact process which
> still lingers in the background, only then will Akonadi return to being
> quiet.
> Do you have any advice that might help me here? I don’t relly want to
> delete the resources and download everything anew again. If at least I
> could find out what the hell is keeping Akonadi up.

You mentioned that you performed a major version update. Did you run 
nepomukcleaner? AFAIK it was recommended. Another thing I can think of is 
running akonadictl fsck or akonadictl vacuum.
If you updated your entire system, did you check whether your storage backend 
(such as mysql) needed some manual update action (mysql_upgrade comes to 

It also dawns on me : Gentoo used to have sqlite set as the default store for 
Akonadi. This was never recommended by upstream, and completely broke some 
time ago (haven't checked whether it's been fixed). Check that. I switched to 
MariaDB (for Akonadi and Amarok) and have been a happy camper since.

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