Akonadi acting up (again)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Sep 16 10:26:26 BST 2013

Frank Steinmetzger posted on Mon, 16 Sep 2013 01:49:05 +0200 as excerpted:

> Do you have any advice that might help me here? I don’t relly want to
> delete the resources and download everything anew again. If at least I
> could find out what the hell is keeping Akonadi up.
> Thanks.
> I hope that garbage will be rewritten from the ground up for KDE 5 or
> given up entirely. I already dread the day that Akregator migrates,
> because I have no idea how I should sync my machines then.

Gentooer here too. =:^) (~amd64/no-multilib, running kde- aka 
4.11-live-branch ebuilds from the gentoo/kde overlay.)

YMMV, but here, clear back with kdepim-4.6, one day I was struggling yet 
again with akonadi misbehavior, and I suddenly had an epiphany, asking 
myself why I bothered.  It's email, for cryin-out-loud.  People running 
machines with single-core CPUs running well under 100 MHz were doing 
email, and getting it right, why was I even BOTHERING with an application 
that couldn't even do that?

After I realized the stupidity of it, it didn't take me long to do 
something about it.  That was late 4.6, but by 4.7.0 I had found a 
suitable email replacement and switched to it, and before 4.7.1 I had 
found an akregator replacement (akregator wasn't directly requiring 
akonadi yet, but it required kdepimlibs or some such, which in turn 
required akonadi, so once I started switching I wasn't going to stop 
until I got the whole mess off my system!), and killed akregator, and 
with that gone, akonadi, and with that gone, all of semantic-desktop.  
Unfortunately gentoo/kde requires semantic-desktop these days, but after 
spending all that time and effort to get it off my system, I was having 
none of it, and I diffed the 4.10 and 4.11 ebuilds and now maintain my 
own patches to keep semantic-desktop off the system since gentoo/kde 
jumped the shark too.  (Upstream kde still supports the build-time 
configure options that turn it off, I don't know what happened to all 
that stuff about Larry the cow getting all that choice when he found 
gentoo, but I guess it doesn't apply to gentoo/kde at least, these days.  
Oh, well, at least gentoo's tools do still make it reasonably easy to 
automate an ebuild patchset, as I've done.)

FWIW, claws-mail was what I found worked for me here, both for email, and 
with its rss/atom plugin, for feeds, thus replacing both kmail and 
akregator.  But I didn't want them both in the same app, so I run two 
separate claws-mail instances, separate configs, etc, one for mail, one 
for feeds.

The conversion from kmail can be a bit of a pain, since claws-mail uses 
mh-format mail folders natively (for local folders, my providers don't do 
IMAP only POP, so local folders it is for me), and kmail uses mbox or 
maildir, but mutt is one method for converting since it understands both, 
and you're already running it, so you're half-way there.  Plus, you have 
IMAP available, which both kmail and claws-mail handle, so...

But it's upto you.  I simply couldn't see the sense in struggling with 
what has been a reasonably solved problem for decades, now, and once I 
realized there was no sense in me tolerating it when there's far better 
working solutions out there, I simply didn't.  If it's working for you... 
but here you are still struggling with it, so it doesn't sound like it 
*IS* working for you.

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