global disable maximize windows by dragging to top of screen?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Sat Sep 14 23:34:55 BST 2013

On Saturday, 2013-09-14, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> Felix Miata wrote, On 09/14/2013 09:29 AM:
> > Is there a way to make drag to top of screen mean *only* drag to top of
> > screen and nothing more, systemwide for all users? If so, how?
> Felix,
> Here's the FAQ entry i put together for my users on "ElectricBorders"
> Note that this is directed at users for individual control, however, you
> can put these kwriteconfig entries against a GLOBAL 'kwinrc' file.
> for my system the KDE4 config search path is:
>     dowdy at neptune$ kde4-config --path config
> /home/dowdy/.kde/share/config/:/etc/kde4/:/usr/share/kde4/config/:/usr/sha
> re/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/
> So, if you put these entries into /etc/kde4/kwinrc  or
> /usr/share/kde4/config/kwinrc  or
> /usr/share/desktop-base/profiles/kde-profile/share/config/kwinrc It should
> affect all users, UNLESS they have overrides in their personal
> ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc

One can, however, make values unoverridable by marking them as immutable.
This is done by adding [$i] to the key in one of the configs in the search 
path after the user's local config.

E.g. if you hae /etc/kde4/kwinrc like in the above list with

this would make the key unoverridable for user configs

The immutable modifier can also be applied to whole groups, e.g. [Windows][$i]


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