restarting KDED after it crashes

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Wed Nov 27 06:37:54 GMT 2013

Jerome Yuzyk posted on Tue, 26 Nov 2013 18:31:03 -0800 as excerpted:

> How does one restart KDED after it crashes?

Simply type in and run kded4 from a konsole window or krunner.

Just tried it here; it works (from either).

Alternatively, Ctrl-Alt-Fx (where Fx denotes one of the function keys, F1-
Fwhatever) and run it from a text login, but you'll have to set DISPLAY 
appropriately first, or it won't be able to contact X and find the still 
running kde instance.

For this purpose it's useful to know what your DISPLAY variable is set 
to, BEFORE you have a problem where you need to know it, so you can set 
it appropriately in a text login.  Type this in a konsole window and note 
its output:

env | grep DISPLAY

The output I get here is:


Then, kded4 --help-qt mentions the --display switch, and this works from 
a text login, as long as X/KDE is running on a different VT:

kded4 --display :0

Or equivalently, set the DISPLAY variable as part of the command (this is 
with bash, but I think any POSIX compatible shell should support it):

DISPLAY=:0 kded4

FWIW, knowing your DISPLAY setting should allow you to start nearly any X-
based program from a text login, with it then running on the X session 
associated with that DISPLAY setting.  So for instance I can run kpat 
from a text login like so:

DISPLAY=:0 kpat

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