KDE Wallet Manager: Once a wallet is open an application has access to all passwords there?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Nov 13 18:16:24 GMT 2013

FF posted on Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:16:53 +0100 as excerpted:

> How can you say to KDE "this app use that wallet"?
> The only place I have seen is
> 	(KDE System Settings ->  Account Details -> KDE Wallet)
> and there there is place just for two wallets, right?

I don't actually remember, and I don't actually have kwallet installed 
any longer and thus can't look it up...

The reason I don't have kwallet installed now is because I ended up not 
using it any longer, after I switched to non-kde alternative for various 
reasons, where the kde apps use kwallet.

When kmail akonadized, thus breaking "it just works" stability for 
something as critical as email, I ultimately switched to claws-mail.  And 
actually, once I dumped kmail, I ended up dumping anything else kdepim 
related (including akregator and kaddressbook, that had been installed 
here) as well, thus eliminating a whole class of dependencies from my 
system. =:^)

So no more kmail/akonadi/other-kdepim using kwallet.

And after watching the way konqueror/kde devs handle stability and 
security issues for the web browser, which at the same time must handle 
untrusted content from random web sites *AND* be able to reliably handle 
the internet banking people like me take for granted these days...
Let's just say if the kde/konqueror devs considered 4.2 thru 4.6 "ready 
for ordinary users" as they claimed, their "ordinary users" must only use 
their browser as a  "toy browser", not for stuff like net banking, online 
purchases, perhaps state dissident communication in the face of 
imprisonment should their security be compromised...  Well, I /do/ use my 
browser for online banking and purchases, etc, my browser is NOT just a 
toy, and I do NOT consider that sort of breakage acceptable for an app 
that critical to my online and financial security!

So I switched to firefox and no longer have konqueror installed on the 
system either, which means /it/ doesn't need nor use kwallet any longer...

I still had kwallet installed for a few versions, until at one update I 
checked what still depended on it, turned out nothing, and what didn't  
depend on it but should, and might break if I didn't have it installed, 
turned out nothing there, either.

So I don't even have kwallet installed any more, and thus can't double-
check this, but from memory...

If you right click on the kwallet tray icon (you may have to set it to be 
shown and/or run the tray app, kwallettray maybe?, first, to get the 
wallet systray icon), you can open up a kwalletmanager window.

Once kwalletmanager is open, you can create multiple wallets, view and 
remove entries in each, set how long they stay open and prompt for 
password upon access settings, etc.

And while I actually only ever used one wallet, I believe you can have as 
many as you like, and I /think/ kwalletd keeps track of which wallet 
contains which information and prompts to open .  The option you 
mentioned only controls the default of one wallet or two, one local one 
remote, but AFAIK, you can setup as many wallets as you like, from the 
kwalletmanager window.

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