dolphin: cd9e50ae4f / 4.10.3 breaks opening remote URLs from command line

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Fri Nov 8 13:20:35 GMT 2013

> ... while you said the problem has existed since 4.10.3.  Either that's 
> not the problem commit, or you meant 4.11.3 but typed 4.10.3.
Sorry! I meant 4.11.3, it was a typo.

I did not yet verify that it is indeed that commit, I hoped the author would 
know more. It is however one of the very few commits which are in the 
4.11.2..4.11.3 range, and the only one which touches this behaviour, so I'm 
fairly sure.

This bug affects only dolphin (not e.g. konqueror), and affects all non-local 
KIO slaves in dolphin, not just ftp, so it's not related to ftp.

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