Device Auto Mounter - Can not mount the following device:

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Wed Nov 6 13:03:35 GMT 2013

On Wednesday, 2013-11-06, 12:33:03, adrelanos wrote:
> Hi!
> I am asking this question from a Linux distribution packager perspective
> (I am a maintainer of Whonix, which is a derivative of Debian testing).
> The udisks package is installed.
> When a CD is inserted, KDE's device auto mounter will correctly pop up
> and show the name of the CD that has been inserted. But when trying to
> take action, when trying to open it, there is an error message:
> Can not mount the following device:
> When running the command "sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom0" beforehand, KDE's
> device auto mounter will be able to mount it, dolphin will open and
> everything is fine.
> So it seems to me, that for some reason KDE's device auto mounter is
> unable to create the /mnt/cdrom0 folder. How could that be fixed?

If you had to run the command using sudo then it is obviously something that a 
user session cannot do.

My assumption would be that the mount point is expected to exist, expected to 
have been created by a udev rule, or by whatever actually does the mounting 


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