Device Auto Mounter - Can not mount the following device:

adrelanos adrelanos at
Wed Nov 6 12:33:03 GMT 2013


I am asking this question from a Linux distribution packager perspective
(I am a maintainer of Whonix, which is a derivative of Debian testing).

The udisks package is installed.

When a CD is inserted, KDE's device auto mounter will correctly pop up
and show the name of the CD that has been inserted. But when trying to
take action, when trying to open it, there is an error message:
Can not mount the following device:

When running the command "sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom0" beforehand, KDE's
device auto mounter will be able to mount it, dolphin will open and
everything is fine.

So it seems to me, that for some reason KDE's device auto mounter is
unable to create the /mnt/cdrom0 folder. How could that be fixed?

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