kde stops seeing Xonar Exxence soundcard

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue May 21 00:10:34 BST 2013

Jogchum Reitsma posted on Mon, 20 May 2013 20:18:46 +0200 as excerpted:

> I have no idea why, but suddenly kde fails to see my Xonar Essence sound
> card.
> Yast (I'm running opensuse 12.2 on this box) still has it registered as
> the default sound card, and when playng a test sound through Yast, it
> works. So it's not a hardware problem.
> But kde doesn't see it anymore, it's not listed anymore when configuring
> kmix. It did so for, well, at least over a year...

That's typically a problem with your phonon configuration or the phonon-
backend used.

These are configured in kde settings (accurate kde3 name kcontrol, 
inaccurate kde4 name system settings, inaccurate because they're mostly 
user-specific kde settings, NOT global system settings, but I believe 
OpenSuSE calls them something else again...), hardware, multimedia, 

The left tab, device preferences, lets you configure for each "sound 
role" the device priority stacking order.  Try testing each one, and move 
the working ones to the top, then when you have the order you want, hit 
the apply device list to... button, and chose the other roles you want to 
apply it to as well.

If you're unhappy with the available list of devices and/or if you have 
problems with devices disappearing and "new" ones popping up for no 
reason, as I did back some time ago with the now deprecated phonon-xine 
backend, consider switching backends.  I use the phonon-vlc backend here 
and haven't had problems since I switched from phonon-xine to it, but the 
default and now phonon-recommended backend is phonon-gstreamer.

(FWIW, I don't use the gstreamer backend here as many years and ancient 
crufty versions ago I had problems with gstreamer, and haven't had it on 
my system since.  I'm sure it works much better now than it did back 
then, but there's a whole gstreamer ecosystem to install (which would 
mean building them first, since I'm on gentoo) if I decided to try it, 
and there have always been other alternatives that worked fine, so I've 
never gotten around to trying it.)

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