kde stops seeing Xonar Exxence soundcard

Jogchum Reitsma j.reitsma at concepts.nl
Mon May 20 19:18:46 BST 2013

I have no idea why, but suddenly kde fails to see my Xonar Essence sound 

Yast (I'm running opensuse 12.2 on this box) still has it registered as 
the default sound card, and when playng a test sound through Yast, it 
works. So it's not a hardware problem.

But kde doesn't see it anymore, it's not listed anymore when configuring 
It did so for, well, at least over a year...

I've thrown away .pulse, (found a comment on an Ubuntu forum which 
suggested that would help), but that didn't change anything.

Anyone an idea whats going on here, and how sound through my beautiful 
Xonar can be restored?
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