Yet another failed KDE release?

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dE . posted on Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:54:48 +0530 as excerpted:

> Those bugs are also reproducible on Debian. Does KsCD do anything for
> you at all? For starters...

Hmm... That's one of the apps I decided I didn't need, when I was 
slimming down kde a few versions ago.  With two burners (one got old and 
out of alignment and burnt coasters so I bought another, but the first 
still /played/ fine, so I kept it to play or for direct disc2disc 
copying), kscd could be set in kde settings to choose one or the other, 
but it always seemed to be the OTHER one when I went to actually /use/ 
the thing.  And AFAIK, there wasn't a way to actually specify the device 
in kscd itself, so...

Given that vlc plays CDs fine, and I run the phonon-vlc backend (no 
gstreamer installed here since IIRC the 0.8 era or some such, when it 
didn't work for what I needed, and given that there have always seemed to 
be alternatives it's an aweful heavy dep to test-install on gentoo where 
that means actually building the various bits, so while I'm reasonably 
sure whatever the problem was must have long since been fixed, I've just 
never needed it bad enough to bother, given that there /have/ always been 
other alternatives, and of course phonon-xine is long since deprecated 
and AFAIK removed from the gentoo tree entirely, so phonon-vlc it is, so 
vlc's a dep of kde here and not really optional), and there's various 
command-line utilities (cdda-player from libcdio being one of them) to 
play cds as well, I decided kscd wasn't worth the bother of continually 
building the updates (with all updates built from source, gentoo's 
excellent encouragement to that good security policy of only installing 
what you actually NEED, especially for something as big as kde, that's on 
a monthly or even biweekly (pre-releases) update schedule) and commented 
its entry in my copy of the kdemultimedia set that I keep synced with the 
gentoo/kde sets in the overlay, thus allowing it to be depcleaned.

So any bugs with kscd I'd not see.

The biggest 4.10 series bug for me, including from the betas, was the one 
that I think triggered the third pre-4.10.0 rc (based on git whatchanged 
comments in the gentoo/kde git repo) -- which AFAIK ultimately was a qt4 
bug, but with a workaround (not fix) in kde 4.10.0 that gradually ate 
some resource or another, until kwin would start misbehaving, and 
eventually no further apps would start, CLI or X based, and I'd have to 
magic-srq the kernel to quit everything and remount-read-only all mounted 
partitions, since nothing not already running could start, including the 
normal shutdown sequence!  If one quit and restarted kwin or kde itself, 
it would temporarily alleviate the problem, but even that failed to work 
after some time, so for awhile I was rebooting far too frequently for my 

But once the issue was traced down to a qt4 bug and a patch devised for 
it, gentoo deployed qt4 updates, and could thus kill the work-around 
patch that they'd applied to kde 4.10.0.  So while 4.10.0 was somewhat 
frustrating (tho I knew the problem based on reading the overlay's git 
whatchanged comments, so at least I knew it was being worked on with both 
kde and qt upstreams and with gentoo, among other distros), by 4.10.1 the 
issue was patched in gentoo's qt4 so the horrible kde workaround could be 
killed, and I'm not aware of any new-to-4.10 bugs remaining in 4.10.1 in 
the bits of kde I actually run these days. =:^)  Of course there's still 
some of the long term bugs being worked on, with me CCed to several of 
them in kde's bugzilla so I know there has been activity, but I've not 
seen anything new, and the old bugs are long since worked around here, 
either by switching to something other than kde for that task, or by 
changing my own habits to work better with kde.

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