Yet another failed KDE release?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sun Mar 24 23:21:23 GMT 2013

Kevin Krammer posted on Sun, 24 Mar 2013 14:09:36 +0100 as excerpted:

> Sure, anyone if free to do that, all libraries used by KMail proper are
> Free Software and can be used independent of the program they were
> originally created for.
> However, there seem to be quite some programs out there that fill that
> use case already, so it might not be best possible choice for investing
> time :)

But no kde or qt based programs...  (I recognize that the post you 
replied to used a measure of "without kde installed first" for the deps, 
but that isn't the only use case, a point you made as well.)

There's trojita, the qt-based IMAP-only mail client, but for those of us 
with providers that are POP3 only...

But the gtk2-based claws-mail is dep-reasonable, especially for the folks 
who already have gtk2 installed as a dep for something else, which I'd 
venture is the majority, even of kde users.  Even for kde users without 
gtk2 installed, if they're not using any other kdepim packages, the deps 
for kmail and for claws-mail will be comparable or kmail will still have 
the far heavier deps, since claws-mail will drag in gtk2 and its deps, 
while kmail will drag in akonadi and its deps (including forcing 
USE=semantic-desktop for the rest of kde on gentoo).

But given a bit of time, that gap may fill.  It has only been recently 
that kmail akonadified, after all.  Before that it was good enough and 
light-weight dep-wise enough that it was the clear choice for kde-ers, 
and tended to clear the area of competition.  As that's no longer the 
case, competition for a qt/kde mail client may well develop, now.  OTOH, 
many people do webmail now, and there's already trojita for IMAP users, 
so it's really only POP3 users that are missing a qt/kde alternative, and 
with the majority doing webmail these days that might be a small enough 
segment it won't get filled.  Time will tell...

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