Yet another failed KDE release?

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at
Sun Mar 24 18:14:14 GMT 2013

On Sun, 24 Mar 2013 16:41:35 +0100
Kevin Krammer <krammer at> wrote:

> There were a couple of newly developed programs but they were almost
> always components of the workspace product.
> I am currently not aware of any application which dropped features
> during the porting, but I can obviously not know all applications and
> all their features.

Multiple monitor support certainly fell behind for a while and I have
to say that now xfce is catching up in terms of core features it
certainly is making me wonder if that would have saved me time spent on
resetup and increasing performance or dealing with compositing
crashes even on fast systems when having many many windows open. I am
talking about debian stable here too.

Whilst loving some new features I have certainly longed for 3.5 at
times and so I can certainly understand the original ops position with
xfce being more competitive these days. KDE was way ahead for me with 3
and I liked 4 but now I'm in two minds though would never touch Gnome3.

For systems I really care about my ideal is leaning towards fvwm for
lock downable central configuration file and many core features I
believe still lacking in KDE (like mouse at screen edge desktop
transition), with xfce parts as it is so modular. Xfce is also more
cross platform or atleast easier to port. I know OpenBSD porters have
had difficulty despite huge efforts. Quite ironic considering QT
itself is so portable.

> The closest thing I can come up with is a change in feature set in
> Konqueror's file manager "personality" due to also using the engine
> developed for Dolphin. Given the alternative of not having the file
> manager "personality" anymore it was probably still the right choice.

I now use Konqueror despite being an advocate of having a dedicated
file manager before it happened. I switched back when I recently found I
had to create actions for a full featured find which was under tools
and in order to use fully functional bookmarks, such as to files with
the added bonus of having the filesizeview plugin handy.

I would likely use konqueror everywhere if it wasn't for the
dependencies, atleast until spacefm gains fully functional bookmarks
as it is standalone and doesn't make choices like you should use
polkit.. or recompile... end of discussion which didn't start. (You know
you can have a kde user using a sudoers Default:kde timestamp_timeout=0
if that is the lowest security level that you want).

I certainly think should change it's name perhaps to or maybe

p.s. It is more important to ignore enthusiastic dismissiveness than
constructive criticism.
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