Plasma-desktop bug, desktop completely black but still able to open windows

Britt Mathis britt.mathis at
Thu Mar 21 17:29:20 GMT 2013

Hello all,
This is my first post to a mailing list ever, so I apologize in advance if
this has already been resolved or I am in violation of post etiquette in
some way.

I am running KDE 4.10.1. Every time I customize the desktop and reboot, I
still get the splash animation, but I am booted into a completely black
screen. I am then able to use kRunner to open any application and the
applications function normally. As far as I can tell this is specifically
affecting plasma.

When I try starting plasma for the command line, I get a lengthy error
message (I can replicate this bug and post an exact message if you all
would like). The main error is an X error, BadPixMap invalid parameter - 4.

I googled this and didn't really get anything recent. I have managed to
isolate this bug to when I resize my panel or when I add too many icons to
my panel. Everything else survived rebooting several times.

I appreciate any help you guys can give me. Again, I apologize if this has
already been resolved.

Thank you,
Britt Mathis
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