Yet another failed KDE release?

Myriam Schweingruber myriam at
Thu Mar 21 16:22:43 GMT 2013

Hi all,

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 4:17 PM, dE . <de.techno at> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 8:24 PM, Ingo Malchow <imalchow at> wrote:
>> Am Dienstag, 19. März 2013, 22:28:48 schrieb dE .:
>> > This release of KDE (4.10.1), is till date the buggiest I've seen.

Can't complain here, I use KDE since 4.2, and so far 4.10.1 runs rock
stable, using Kubuntu 13.04 beta1

>> > I personally, don't really mind the bugs, it reminds me how ignorant KDE
>> > release team is;

Calling people who work as volunteers and do contribute to KDE on a
daily basis ignorants is a bit harsh, don't you think? So far I
haven't seen you contribute to the release team and help making it


> There ain't many bug related complaints about Xfce -- it's a lot more
> stable. I personally hardly found any bugs while using it.

Comparing apples with oranges, Xfce has only a fraction of the
software that is shipped with a KDE SC release.
>> > This mail is for sake of the project, not for MY personal frustrations
>> > with
>> > KDE. I deploy Xfce anyway.
>> It pretty much sounds like frustrations. You take your own unstable system
>> for
>> a global issue. Believe me, it is not. Neither do i say, as my system is
>> highly stable every other system is as well.
>> As you said you do report bugs, which is highly appreciated. But like with
>> all
>> bugs, they need to be reproducable, else they are hard to fix. The more
>> useful
>> information the better.

Yep, I went through the bug reports you listed and can't reproduce any
of those, so maybe something is specific to your installation.

Did you try removing the configuration files from the previous
installation? It might just be cruft lying around causing this, and
since configuration files are very individual it is very hard to
preserve those without any glitches from time to time. KDE upgrade
don't remove them to avoid people loosing their setups, but sometimes
it is just a good idea to move those old files out of the way and try
with a default configuration

> You're basically trying to say here, I shouldn't complaint; and this's
> exactly why the project is in such a horrible state. The reason why I'm
> complaining is cause I want the situation to improve -- so does everyone
> else.

Nobody said that, it is just that you are complaining in a very
unprofessional way, by shouting and calling people ignorants, and
judging your installation to be the only reference. Please do test
with a new user to make sure it is not just your setup that has a
problem before generalizing problems you see to be KDE's fault.
Because if you want to give lessons on how to make it better, please
do start doing that yourself :)

> The moment you open upgraded the KDE desktop you see bugs.

Not here, on the contrary, KDE has become more stable and polished
with every release.

How about joining the testing team and help with testing before the
release instead of just calling people names afterwards? If you want
Free Software to get better you can contribute yourself, but please do
it in a more constructive way.

Regards, Myriam

PS. And BTW, you might have seen that we all sing with our names, how
about signing your mails? Or is this on purpose to do anonymous
ramblings? I am not going to call you what Slashdot would, though.
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