Yet another failed KDE release?

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dE . posted on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 22:28:48 +0530 as excerpted:

> This release of KDE (4.10.1), is till date the buggiest I've seen.
> I switched to KDE when it was at 4.4.

That's strange.  Seems quite stable for me.

But then again, I'm on gentoo and building with USE=-semantic-desktop, 
one of the original big bullet items for kde4, and have migrated off of 
anything kdepim related since kmail akonadified and destabilized, and off 
of konqueror when it became clear that even its devs apparently consider 
it no more than a toy, certainly not something worth the security 
attention necessary for online banking and the like (see my earlier posts 
on that).  So after all that's gone, for kde I'm mostly using the base 
desktop, kwin, plasma, and the infrastructure to support them, and while 
plasma in particular was HORRIBLE in early kde4 (even after the kde folks 
were insisting it was ready for ordinary users in 4.3, that was alpha, 
4.4 was beta, late 4.5 finally stabilized reasonably such that 4.5.4 or 
so was what SHOULD have been released as 4.0), they're all reasonably 
stable now, and have been since 4.5 (with a blip in early 4.6).

Altho plasma does sometimes eat its config for breakfast, a terrible 
thing if you're a heavy customizer as I am.  But I know the files to 
restore from backup when necessary...

Oh, I install and play several of the kde games, too.

But it's somewhat ironic that while late in the kde3 era I was trying to 
find a way to get rid of the last couple gtk2 apps I ran, these days 
nearly all my "mission critical" stuff is gtk2:  I always ran pan as a 
news (nntp) client and it was in fact one of the last gtk2 apps I was 
trying to get rid of in the late kde3 era, and then and now I start it 
with kde and it's seldom not running as long as I'm in X, but I switched 
from kmail and akregator to claws-mail (two separate instances start with 
kde, one for mail, one for feeds), and I run firefox now as my browser of 
choice.  Those are the most important here and they're now all gtk2 
based. Media apps: smplayer2 and vlc are qt4 based as is minitube, for 
video.  I run mpd with various switchable frontends (including mpc CLI 
and qtmpc in X), replacing the jumped-the-shark amarak.  Even my CD 
burner, which was kde-based k3b, is now... it's gtk2 based but actually I 
have to look... graveman, because k3b had a nasty dep on udisks, which 
wouldn't have been bad except for what IT pulled in (parted for udisks2, 
lvm2 for udisks1, both not something I want/need enough to be willing to 
continually build updates from source, as gentoo does.

So now, my main dep on kde is just the core desktop environment itself, 
and that has been reasonably stable, even running the kde prereleases, 
which I can do now without too much fear, since I don't have to worry 
about pre-release kmail eating mail, or pre-release konqueror crashing 
when I need to epay a bill.  So again ironically, I'm freeer now to run 
the kde pre-releases than I was back when I was running more of kde than 
just the core desktop and a few games!

So... while I started out disagreeing with you, I guess in the end, it 
may be that we're not talking about the same overall kde, since some 
parts of it kde4 or later development (cough, the kmail/akonadi fiasco) 
ruined to the point I migrated off of them, so I don't really know much 
about how the wider kde is doing, these days, only the core, which really 
has been quite stable for me, as I said since kde 4.5, with a blip in 4.6.

Anyway, these days I really am quite upbeat about the core kde I actually 
still run, with anything akonadi/kdepim/semantic-desktop configured out 
and no longer allowed anywhere close to my systems. =:^)

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