Partition Manager without support for parted 3.x

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Jekyll Wu posted on Fri, 15 Mar 2013 11:57:52 +0800 as excerpted:

> On 2013年03月15日 06:46, Maik Stönner wrote:
>> I accidentally found out today when perusing the Arch Linux
>> repositories, that there is no package for the KDE Partition Manager.
>> After asking the packer, which is responsible for the KDE packages in
>> Arch Linux, he told me, that there is no support for parted 3.x by the
>> KDE Partition Manager. Presently Arch Linux is distributing parted in
>> version 3.1.
>> Now I just want to know, of there will be any support for parted 3.x in
>> upcomming releases of KDE Partition Manager? Or I just have a
>> disadvantage by using a rolling releases dirstribution?

> AFAIK, the support is already in the svn version. It is just that there
> is no new released version.

Here on gentoo, there's two versions of partitionmanager available, 
10.03_p20120804 (thus obviously a snapshot from 2012-08-04) in the main 
gentoo tree, and the "live vcs" version, denoted as version 9999 in 
gentoo, but masked and in the kde overlay, so it won't be pulled in 
unless someone has the kde overlay loaded (as I do) and deliberately 
unmasks it.

The in-tree 10.03_p20120804 specifically deps on >=parted-3.1-r1 (rX 
denoting distro-level bumps of the same upstream version), while the 
overlay's live/9999 version deps on parted, version unspecified, but 
would pull in the same parted-3.1-r1, here.

So both partitionmanager versions available in gentoo, the snapshot 
version in the tree, and the live-build in the overlay, are parted-3 
compatible.  =:^)

(FWIW, however, here I use gptfdisk for my partitioning.  All gpt 
partitions, even on my thumb-drives.  While I believe parted handles gpt, 
I'm fine with the ncurses interface in gptfdisk and don't really need a 
full GUI interface, and gptfdisk pulls in less dependencies, so that's 
what I use here.)

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