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Sat Mar 2 15:10:55 GMT 2013

Bogus Zaba posted on Sat, 02 Mar 2013 14:46:57 +0000 as excerpted:

> The userbase wiki says "KolorManager
> <https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/graphics/kolor-manager> is
> a front end to Oyranos´ <http://www.oyranos.org> settings and device
> configuration. It can be found in KDE's systemsettings
> <http://userbase.kde.org/Special:MyLanguage/System_Settings> panel."
> Slackware 14.0 here and KDE 4.8.5.
> I cannot find KolorManager in KDE's system settings panel. I installed
> oyranos and colord packages through the usual Slackware unoffocial
> add-on packages repo - slackbuilds.org.
> Anybody got an idea how to get the this color-management frontend
> visible. I can use various oyranos command-line tools, but there's a lot
> to learn there and the front-end sounds like it could ease the pain
> considerably.

I'm a gentooer here, and running the latest kde 4.10.0 without that 
package installed, but perhaps I can help.

At least on gentoo, kolor-manager is listed as its own separately 
installable package, significantly, in the kde-misc category rather than 
kde-base, meaning it's NOT part of the default kde shipment, but an 
independent package.

Gentoo had an early snapshot packaged and in-tree on 10 Feb, 2012, 
according to the (gentoo) changelog, with the current in-tree version 
being 0.99, packaged on 11 Nov 2012, and (as with most of kde) a live-
sources -9999 version available in the gentoo/kde overlay as well, if you 
want to build from the absolute latest sources.

I can note that the latest kde 4.10 included color-management as one of 
the new features of the main shipped kde as well, and I've noted a few 
checkboxes for it, but I don't have it enabled, so I can't say what that 
is in comparison to kolor-manager, except that kolor-manager appears to 
still be a separate package that a quick --pretend install says would 
install a number of dependencies as well.

So look for a separate package, and note that 4.10 does have some color-
management integrated, but it seems to be different.

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