Not possible to disable holidays anymore?

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Fri Jun 28 21:01:39 BST 2013

On 28/06/13 18:49, Duncan wrote:
> Nikos Chantziaras posted on Fri, 28 Jun 2013 17:15:35 +0300 as excerpted:
>> With KDE 4.10.80 and 4.10.90, I've run into a bug where it's apparently
>> not possible to disable the display of holidays in the panel's digital
>> clock (when you click on it on order to get a calendar.)  This is quite
>> annoying, since now I'm actually getting USA-specific holidays
>> displayed.  I'm not American, and neither do I live in the US.
>> I filed a bug for this a while ago:
>> but no one seems able to confirm.  So I'm wondering whether it's
>> something in my system that breaks this.  Is anyone here running 4.10.80
>> or 4.10.90 (beta 1 or beta 2), and if yes, are you able to disable the
>> display of holidays in the digital clock?
> Meanwhile, however, I /do/ have at least /some/ info on the holiday
> thing.  It seems that with 4.11 (starting with its betas), gentoo/kde
> decided to force the semantic-desktop on now, that had previously always
> been a gentoo USE flag controlled build-time option.

I don't think this is related.  I was able to disable holidays at 
runtime when running semantic-desktop in previous versions without 
setting any USE flags or rebuilding.

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