migrating KAlarm

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Sat Jun 15 21:01:27 BST 2013

OK, I've spent 2 hours dicking around trying to get my KAlarm 2.4.11 setup  
migrated to 2.10.2-ak and have had nothing but "Unable to create target 
resource" errors and crashes, whether there's any data in place or not 
(with a brand-new user). All for a little reminder app that's been one of 
the handiest pieces in KDE.

So what's the magic? I can't Add new calendars, or Import old ones, or 
really get it to do anything more than take a long tiem to tell me it can't 
do something, and then segfault.

Is there some kind of Migration Guide buried somewhere Google can't find 
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