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Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan posted on Sat, 08 Jun 2013 16:22:26 +0300 as

> I came accross another little chalendge today, and found some
> difficulties in achieving this. So, after I've succedes, I wrote another
> article to help others with this.
> Looking forward to your feedback.

While I'd /personally/[1] consider that reasonably simple as it's a 
simple matter of looking at the config options available and making your 
choice from among them, I realize that some people find configuration and 
settings fearful and bewildering, and thus seldom venture there unless 
they have explicit instructions such as yours... making their fear a self 
fulfilling prophesy of a sort since they never become familiar with the 
settings they'd otherwise want to change and thus always remain fearful 
of them.

So your articles are useful and appreciated.

Those sorts of contributions would go well on as well.  
Please do consider contributing your articles there too.

[1] Given that I'm a near-decade-long gentoo user who appreciates both 
gentoo and kde for the power of customization they afford, this fact 
/probably/ isn't all that unexpected. =:^)

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