Is it normal that text in the clipboard gets lost?

Doug dmcgarrett at
Wed Jun 5 21:33:48 BST 2013

On 06/05/2013 01:03 PM, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> There's something that always bugged me a bit with the clipboard.  I
> don't know whether it's a bug or intended behavior.  It goes like this:
> when I open an application, select some text in it, then copy it to the
> clipboard with Ctrl+C, then close the application and finally try to
> paste the text from the clipboard into somewhere else, there's nothing
> to copy.  At the moment I closed the application I copied the text from,
> the clipboard contents die.
> This is surprising, since "copying to the clipboard", at least on every
> other OS I'm using, really means "copying".  Even if the application the
> text came from goes away, the copied text is still in the clipboard.  Is
> this a bug?
I just tested this. I copied some of your email with ctrl-C. Then I 
closed Thunderbird. Then I opened Kate and pasted the text in. No sweat.
I'm running KDE 4.10.1 on PCLinuxOS-32. Kernel is 3.2.18-pclos2.pae.bfs.


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