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Thu Jul 11 11:46:07 BST 2013

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On 11/07/13 04:52, Graham Lauder wrote:
> I'm having a problem with deleting duplicate emails in Kmail2
> I get an error message
> "Unable to fetch item from backend (collection 58) : Unable to
> retrieve item from resource: Invalid item retrieved"
> I upgraded my system and imported my mail from my old Kmail and
> have had the problem since.  Every time I run filters I end up with
> a lot more duplicates.
> I searched the bug database and found 
> Problem is there has been no response there.
> I uninstalled kmail and then reinstalled, no joy.  Could it be
> something to do with Akonadi because after reinstall nothing had
> changed.  Can I remove Akonadi and start again some how without
> breaking other stuff.  Kmail is becoming pretty much unusable which
> is a shame because I love it to bits when it's going right.
Like many others I felt beaten and migrated to Thunderbird for the
present, but I'm still experimenting with KMail, as it beats the socks
off all the others when it's working well.  V. 4.10 works without any
of the problems I've seen on earlier versions, once you have it
working right, but it's still horribly slow.  I understand that there
has been a considerable re-code for 4.11 that should deal with that.

You don't mention which version you are running, but anything prior to
4.10 is too old.

Meanwhile, this is what I suggest you try.

First, make sure that KMail is not running.  Then copy
~/.local/share/akonadi to ~/.local/share/akonadi-old and
~/.config/akonadi to ~/.config/akonadi-old.

Start SystemSettings > Personal and remove all the resources.
Go back to Dolphin and remove the original ~/.local/share/akonadi and
~/.config/akonadi - the copies you made ensure that you can back-track
if necessary.

Now go back to the SystemSettings page and carefully add the necessary
resources.  You should see the resource reading in your mail folders.
 Then start Kontact/KMail and it should be working properly.

Hope that helps

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