Kmail2 problem

Graham Lauder g.a.lauder at
Thu Jul 11 04:52:09 BST 2013

I'm having a problem with deleting duplicate emails in Kmail2 

I get an error message 

"Unable to fetch item from backend (collection 58) : Unable to retrieve item 
from resource: Invalid item retrieved"

I upgraded my system and imported my mail from my old Kmail and have had the 
problem since.  Every time I run filters I end up with a lot more duplicates.

I searched the bug database and found

Problem is there has been no response there. 

I uninstalled kmail and then reinstalled, no joy.  Could it be something to do 
with Akonadi because after reinstall nothing had changed.  Can I remove 
Akonadi and start again some how without breaking other stuff.  Kmail is 
becoming pretty much unusable which is a shame because I love it to bits when 
it's going right.

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