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Sat Jan 26 03:52:59 GMT 2013

Aaron Lewis posted on Sat, 26 Jan 2013 10:12:24 +0800 as excerpted:

> I liked the desktop effects but not the shadow around it, and I remove
> it?
> BTW: I'm not running oxygen style, so it should be kwin configuration,
> but don't know where to config that.

Well, kwin effects configuration is desktop effects.  That's in kde 
settings under workspace appearance and behavior.  Individual effects can 
be activated/deactivated/configured on the center tab.  However, at least 
here, while I see a window translucency effect (which I use), I do NOT 
see the window borders effect you're describing, either a setting for it 
there, or for that matter, the effect itself -- I don't have it enabled, 
tho I remember playing around with it some time ago when it was first 
introduced in IIRC kde 3.5.6 or so.

But unfortunately, there's a host of separately configured bits of kde 
that have an oxygen option, three of which it's fairly easy to mix up, 
tho I've managed to figure out the one, but still have trouble with the 
other two.  I suspect this MIGHT be your problem as well, and you're 
actually using oxygen in place that it counts, having set something else 
to other-than oxygen.

If you're ONLY talking about the plasma desktop, NOT ordinary non-plasma 
windows, the DESKTOP THEME would be what you're looking for.  This is the 
one I've managed to separate out because it applies ONLY or ALMOST ONLY 
to the plasma desktop, and has little or nothing to to do with normal non-
plasma windows.  The settings for this are found in kde settings, 
workspace appearance and behavior, workspace appearance, desktop theme.  
FWIW I had used the "professional" desktop theme off of kdelook for some 
time, but recently switched back to oxygen for desktop theme.

Near the desktop theme in kde settings, also under workspace appearance, 
is WINDOW DECORATIONS.  This is actually the setting that I think you may 
be after, as the oxygen DECORATION (NOT style, see below for styles) 
*DOES* have a shadow/glow setting.  It can be toggled on or off or 
configured using the configure decoration button, if the oxygen 
decoration is selected.  The oxygen decoration is also one of the more 
configurable of the decorations.  However, I personally prefer the kde2 
decoration, which does NOT have the glow/shadow effect.  So you can 
either try a different decoration (like the kde2 I use) or you can stick 
with oxygen or whatever you're using, and toggle off the glow/shadow if 
you continue using oxygen or some other decoration that has a similar 

The third component is the one you mentioned, widget styles.  This is 
found in an entirely different spot in kde settings, under common 
appearance and behavior, application appearance, style, and will normally 
only apply to kde-based (or at least qt4-based) apps, not gtk-based or 
generic X-based or tcl/tk based, or fltk-based, or...  Here, I've chosen 
oxygen as I prefer it, and appreciate its additional configurability as 
well.  However, as you found there's no shadow effects options here to 
toggle, because it's controlling the widget style, not the main window 
decorations, and it's the window decorations that have the glow/shadow 
effect linked to them.

But don't be too worried about being confused.  I think most users are, 
actually.  I know I always have to go looking before I post to be sure 
I'm using the term that matches the kde settings usage, because all three 
of the above are styles, to me.  Even tho I've learned to keep the plasma 
themes separate, and I know there are two others so if it's not plasma I 
have to look, even for the plasma component, I'm just as likely to call 
them plasma styles if I don't go looking first.

Hopefully with kde frameworks, aka kde5, they're eliminating some of this 
confusion.  =:^)

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