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On 25/01/13 14:56, Ingo Malchow wrote:
> Am 25.01.2013 14:13 schrieb "Doug" <dmcgarrett at 
> <mailto:dmcgarrett at>>:
>> Hope this is the right forum for the question: I scan an image in
>> using xsane.  It displays magnified many many
> times. I save
>> that image as a .png file, and then when I open it, or email it
> someone who opens it,
>> either in Linux or in Windows, the image comes out very small on
>> the
> screen--
>> smaller than what the original was. (I'm scanning using the scan
>> function of an Epson WP-4530 multi-function printer, networked
>> via Ethernet.)
>> So: is there any way to make the scanned image on screen in xsane
>> look a reasonable facsimile, size-wise, of the original document
>> or picture,
> and is
>> there a way to make that image come out about that same size
>> when saved as .png and viewed by an image viewer like Gwenview,
>> or Windows Photo Viewer?
>> Thanx--doug
> This is probably not the best fitting mailinglist, as this is a
> KDE centric user mailinglist. However, if i get it right, your
> problem seems to be the image viewer of choice doesn't seem to view
> an image in the original size but rather fits it to screen. And
> that is probably exactly what is happening. E.g. i have set
> gwenview to display images to that per default. If i need to zoom
> into an image to see the correct size i can do so. But you can't
> force a setting on users. Neither does there exist a global
> solution that sets any image viewer accordingly. Note, this assumes
> that you have scanned the image correctly and it is indeed saved in
> a  higher resolution.
Something else you might want to consider -

XSane integrates well with GIMP.  I scan from GIMP, which means I have
all the freedom I want to edit the image, scale it, or anything else
:-)  It's not a KDE app, but every distro has it.


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